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Movie ticket prices jump to all-time high

"There were more options for moviegoers, which is what we strive for," says Patrick Corcoran, NATO vice president. The price increase still leaves moviegoing as one of the USA's cheapest social options, he says. Adjusted for inflation, that $1.76 movie ticket in 1973 would cost $9.26 today. Movies "still stand out as a less expensive out-of-home experience," Corcoran says. GUIDE: USA TODAY's summer movie calendar But for how long? April Masini, columnist for and author of four dating-advice books, warns that the industry is flirting with losing its favorite demographic. "Movie tickets are the prime resource for a Saturday night date," she says. <br>Source:

Turns out, that footage was a World of Warcraft teaser. The piece involved a man getting ready for battle before panning over to another figure, a figure thats revealed to be holding an Orc warhammer. Check out Screen Rants full description of the piece here and hopefully well get to see the promo for ourselves soon enough. 6. The Sinister Six in The Amazing Spider-Man? After the villain overload in Spider-Man 3, its no wonder many are buzzing about the abundance of bad guys in Marc Webbs The Amazing Spider-Man 2. But, based on some comments made during Comic Con, it seems as though there could be a very good reason for including Electro, Rhino, Norman Osborn (Green Goblin), Harry Osborn (Venom, Hobgoblin, Green Goblin), read more... and possibly Black Cat and Adrian Tomes (Vulture) in the sequel and that reason is the Sinister Six. During a chat with , when asked about coming back for more Spider-Man movies, Jamie Foxx said, Ill put it to you this way: you dont really kill electricity; it just goes to another place. But then he dropped the clincher: You know, Electro was always tempted by the Sinister Six, so well see. Then, while talking to Crave Online , Marc Webb proposed, What about The Gentleman? When the reporter probed for more, Webb simply insisted, Im just saying Theres your little tidbit. sites <br>Source:

Movie News Cheat Sheet: San Diego Comic Con 2013

She is fantastic. She has a great timing and facial expressiveness to her humor and handles the few heavy dialogue scenes as well as all the over-the-top action scenes smoothly and naturally. She needs to be a more prominent actress. One of her best scenes was when she had to pretend to be standing guard to keep infiltrators out of an area while the rest of the crew searches for the weapon inside this bunker-like facility. While shes standing guard, though, she gets bored and kind of loses her focus and lazily walks around until random bad guys walk by and she quickly has to shape up and stiffly guard the door again. <br>Source:

Movie Censored in New Zealand Becomes Hit Among Pirates

Also: Magneto could be their main teacher. S 2) X-Force We were kind of bummed. There was a rumor going around that the big surprise at Comic-Con was going to be the announcement of an X-Force movie. And that... did not happen. <br>Source:

11 X-Men Movie Spinoffs We'd Like to See

Censors in New Zealand have banned the release of French-American horror movie Maniac, staring Elijah Wood, considering the movie to be too disturbing for cinemas or DVD shops, TorrentFreak reports . The film, which is a bloodbath filmed through the eyes of a serial killer, can only be seen at specialist festival screenings in New Zealand, the Office of Film and Literature Classification said. Banning the film beyond festival screenings is an insult to the intelligence of the adult population of New Zealand and does little more than to serve as an open invitation to illegally pirate the film, Monster Pictures Neil Foley said. And this is exactly what happened, as those who wanted to view the movies headed straight for their computers. Pirates from all over the world have done the same thing. For instance, the US holds 18.4 percent of downloads, the UK 8.6 percent and New Zealand 6.7 percent. Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Israel and Argentina complete the top ten countries interested in the title. <br>Source:

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